Why counselling?

Counselling provides a safe, warm and welcoming space where you can have the time to look at what is going on for you. It involves a confidential and non-judgmental relationship where you can explore your life with greater objectivity, curiosity and acceptance. Some issues can be easier to bring to the therapeutic space than to share with family or friends.

On a simple level counselling is a conversation, a joint inquiry which encourages you to look carefully at your experience and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Counselling provides the resources to help you to discover the way to alleviate your distress and reconnect with your sense of well-being. It offers you support during periods of crisis. It can help if you are struggling with stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction. It assists if you are going through periods of changes or if you are having difficulties managing your relationships.

Whichever might be the reason behind your struggles, counselling aims to provide a compassionate and understanding environment where you can feel safe, tell your story and begin to make sense of your experience.

Mindfulness Counselling

Mindfulness counselling is a contemporary form of therapy informed by traditional Western theories, Eastern psychology and Mindfulness practices.

The intention of this work is to help you make contact with your sense of well-being, so that you can learn to respond more authentically and skilfully to the difficulties in your life. 

The focus is to bring awareness to your experience in the present moment in the context of a safe environment. When you allow your experience to be just as it is, even when it is difficult or painful, you create the conditions for healing and integration to happen. 

You can learn to become more mindful of your life, moment-to-moment by getting in touch with your thoughts, feelings, sensations and how they are held in your body. By becoming aware of what holds you back you can create the premises for developing new strategies to move into the world with greater creativity and freedom.

What does counselling offer?

People come to counselling for many different reasons, some individuals want to learn more about themselves and enhance their potential for growth. However, mindfulness based counselling can be very effective in helping you to address issues such as:

  • stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • depression 
  • redundancy
  • bereavement
  • relationships 
  • sexuality
  • self-esteem/ confidence
  • loneliness
  • existential or spiritual crisis and 
  • addictions