What do I offer?

This way of working is based on the understanding that we all have an inherent movement towards health at our core. This is always there underneath, however difficulties and traumas in our lives may have lead us to develop defensive strategies as part of our personality. These strategies can become habitual and continue long after the original painful circumstances or traumas have passed. As a result we may now see the world and behave in ways that do not help us anymore, and prevent us from reaching our full potential. The intention of this work is to help you to make contact with this core health, so that you can respond more authentically and skillfully to whatever you meet in life. 

What happens next?

After you make contact, we will arrange an initial session, where we will have a chance to meet, discuss what is it that you need and decide what would be more beneficial for you.

During our first meeting, I will invite you to tell me a bit about yourself and about the circumstances which lead you towards counselling. You will also have the opportunity to ask me any questions. If we decide to work together, we will commit to a number of sessions, after which you will have a better idea whether you would like to continue the work further.